All Photos taken by Zandy Mangold

The race is over and Michael is coming home soon...😀🙃

09-Nov-2014 10:14:54 AM 

So that definitely got me very emotional crossing that finish line of the last desert! I had to shed a tear….Honestly it’ll take me a while to digest all this. It’s been an incredible adventure and no words can speak out all the feelings and thoughts I have.

I promise to do presentations when I return home and try to share as much as possible with you.As the “old misfits” team we got some kilometres together, even though we missed a day of running due to weather. All the same thanks to all your support it will be a success for my charity run for the Theodora Foundation too.

A special thanks to Distrelec and Markus Laesser who allowed me to reduce my working time for 2014 and strongly supported the charity. Without this a project like this would not have been possible. My thanks obviously goes to all others too, your support and patience carried me through and will make many children happy!

Now we’re heading back to Ushuaia, which will be a 2 ½ days trip through the Drake Passage, which is predicted to be very rough with storms coming up.I’m looking forward to seeing you all back home.Sending you tons of regards from the Antarctica

Sat, 8 November 2014 at 16:14
Stage 5 has concluded at Telefon Bay in Antarctica with the coldest and windest stage yet. Competitors began the stage just after 8 am and ran on desert-like landscape with seals and penguins by the shore. All competitors completed the stage around 2 pm.
The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2014 has now concluded and competitors are enjoying a beer in the lounge as they prepare for the long journey back to Ushuaia, Argentina.

08-Nov-2014 04:42:24 AM 🤭
No running today. We have heavy winds and tons of rolling waves. I’m best when lying in my bed and that’s where I’m going back to.
CheersMichael -

Stage 3

06-Nov-2014 02:17:49 AM
Today we were running on Danco Island. It was a special race a zig zag (switch back, as they call it) course uphill then a short circle and down the same way. So quite some traffic on the course. Luckily the snow packed up a little bit today, which allowed from some more running than yesterday. After the race we had a chance to do a zodiac tour, where we saw icebergs very close up and saw tons of penguins and some lazy seals. Penguins are so cute when they jump out of the water. Now we’re heading up north again, as weather is presumably getting worse for the Drake passage, so we have to be closer by. So will be on sea all night, which always gives a deep (rocking) sleep. Thanks to all of you writing and thinking of me! Sending you my best regards from the most southern point I have ever been. Michael - See more at:

Stage 2

05-Nov-2014 03:04:20 AM 
Today we first wanted to go somewhere else, however the channel was frozen, so we couldn’t pass. We redirected to another place, where they managed to set up a 2.2 km course. It was set up on a hill, where you could look onto the channel and on many penguins colonies with thousands of penguins. Before getting on land we saw a whale and seals, amazing to see nature so close. The course was difficult, tons of deep snow and even after several laps it didn’t pack up and stayed much like the sand in other deserts. Ernie had some difficulties with his hip and I really hope he’ll recover before tomorrow. As we have already reached the running site for tomorrow, I guess it’ll be the long stage. So off to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep tight and hear you soon. Michael - See more at:

Stage 1: First Day on the Antarctica

04-Nov-2014 03:08:33 AM
First day running and what an experience. We were running in 4.7 km loops and within the team. The experience was interesting and luckily we all struggled at different times. After 7.5 h we set back to the ship with little zodiacs and got completely soaked. So first I tried to get warm again, which took quite some time. Now I’m trying to get my gear dry too, by using the hair dryer. Today’s trail was on Deception Island and now we’re moving on to somewhere new. Currently we’re in the open sea again with heavy winds and water immediately freezing to ice on the windows. Landscape and wildlife wise it was magnificent. We saw the first penguins, seals, tons of birds, snow and icebergs. I’m off to bed to recover for the upcoming race tomorrow, where ever it will be. Tell you more later. Take care & sleep well Michael
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1. - 11. November 2014 - The Last Desert (Antarctica)

So here I am in Ushuaia, one of the most southern towns in the world. It's been an adventurous trip to get here, with diverted flights, thunderstorms, flooded airports and more. Anyhow I'm here now and ready to start the the last of the desert race challenges: "the Antartica".I have a day off today, as I planned to get here one day in advance, just to be sure to make it if anything should happen during my travel. I'm actually planning to do a small run today and I guess that is a good idea, given that there's snowfall outside and visibility is close to zero. This will allow me to accustomize to the Antartica climate.The good thing about days off, is that you have time to reflect. At home I hardly find time to do so and to digest all the impressions and happenings I have experienced in the past races. It's been an incredible year (and still is). However a project like the 4deserts grand slam is not doable without the support of others. My family and friends, in special my wife Annie have provided me all the patience and backup I need, to focus and fulfill my challenge. As well as my company, in particular our CEO Markus Laesser, who has not just allowed me to reduce my work time, but has generously supported my charity project for the Theodora Foundation. I beleive he is a true fan of my project and Markus L. has not just supported the undertaking, where ever possible, but also opened many other doors for charity. On Saturday we will be boarding our home for the next 10 days. After 2 1/2 days on sea we will reach the Antarctica, where the last desert race will take place on different islands. The first race is planned on King George Island and is set to be a 100km race. Well at least for the winner, for the rest it's the distance that counts, which you cover in a given time. The weather forecast for the racing days is currently snowfall and wind. I do hope that all races will take place, as we may only go on land if weather permits. And even then races can be cut short should weather conditions change. Lets hope for the best!So I'm off to the penguins and I hope to send you more news from the ship. There's a cyber place planned and given a satellite connection bloggs should get through :-)
Take care & stay strong