GOBI March 2014

Stage 1

01-Jun-2014 01:08:12 AM [(GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi]

 What a start, just superb. Today we did a 48.5km run, through lots of stony and rocky areas, with scattered plains (huge plains) in between. The people here are very friendly and the police seems to have the job to control us, they’re all over.

Scenery wise it’s absolutely impressive these huge unpopulated areas and lots of animals to see. Some of us even saw a wolf. But running through the plains seems endless.

For once my feet are just fine after a first stage. Just some hotspots and no blisters. I hope this stays up.

All of a sudden I started to bleed from my finger and it didn’t seem to want to stop. However I would have to make up a cool story about it, as I have no clue what I did. Anyhow it was the day of scratches, as I stood on a branch, which tried to defend itself and took a go at my leg. Have to get that one fix up, as it doesn’t look nice on the photo…. But no worries nothing bad!

I wish you all a great time and take care, Michael G.

Stage 2

02-Jun-2014 01:42:54 AM [(GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi]

 Rocks in all sizes and slightly uphill plains with lots of ditches in them, that was todays landscape. The plains are gorgeous full of well smelling herbs and the whole is accompanied by the sound of flying insects.

Now we are at a campsite next to a river. This could be in the Swiss alps too. Wonderful! Although the temperature could be higher. I’m glad to have all my warm stuff with me.

Today was hard on the knees and feet and even though the last part was downhill, running was no option. And strangely enough the backpack seems to get heavier with every kilometre.

To all those who wrote to me, or took the time to read my blog, all the best, take care and hear you soon.

Cheers Michael G

Stage 3

Rain, hail and soaking wet, the short version/ highlights of this stage

03-Jun-2014 01:37:52 AM [(GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi]

 I started up well, however the rain and cold kicked in quite hard. At checkpoint 1 I wanted to put on my rain jacket, but without the help of a staff I would have had no chance, my hands were so clamp. It went better after another 5km and trust it or not in check point 2 they announced the race will only continue for another 3km. No chance to get into the mountains, because of too much snow. I wasn’t too disappointed, as I got the chance to warm up.

Now the sun has warmed up the scene and my gear is dry again. We’re staying in a nice little yurt for the night. The missed km will be added up to the next stages. So we’re up for some longer stages now…. Let’s go.

Take care and hear you soon.

Michael G

Stage 4

04-Jun-2014 01:32:30 AM [(GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi]

 It’s been a hard day, but worth ever meter of the way. Wonderful landscapes, lots of rivers and swampy grassland. Then after some 18km into the hills, beautiful sights when you get up them, however hard work to do. The final part today was a tarmac road through a small little village with many people cheering you up for the last miles.

What I definitely learnt today is, if they say there is just one water crossing with ankle high water, don’t trust them, as there will be plenty more. The one they warned us from didn’t wet my feet, but many others did so. And as last time, if I have those wet feet the blisters come by their own.

Now I’ve been in the medical tent and feet are all set up for the long run tomorrow. Even though the 68km might seem short, there’s a lot of elevation in there. So looking forward to that one.

Tell you more later, cheers Michael G.

Stage 5

06-Jun-2014 12:27:19 PM [(GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi]

The long run was a great experience. Very tough terrain and the weather wasn’t supportive. Changing from hot to cold and at some times extremely chilly.

The landscape is remarkable and up in the high hills it looked like the start-up picture of Windows, with all this green mountains. There were lots of wild horses around as well and it must have been a great season as there were many fouls too.

I managed to come in before dark, which was my ambition. We’re staying at a beautiful lake called Sayam. This camp is over 2000m so even though the sun is out it’s chilly. The run around the lake will also be the final stage of tomorrow, which will give us the last 14km, before we get back to civilisation.

I’m looking forward to that shower, then I’ll stroll to town and enjoy some non-dry freeze food. This is better than the food in the hotel. My mother had already told me about how horrible the food is in this corner of the world and I must admit she’s absolutely right!

So hear you back in the cosy enjoyable live! Take care and thanks for following my blog. Michael G.