Jordan Race February 2014

Jordan Race February 16th to February 21st, 2014

Michaels Blogs:
Arrival to Petra 13-Feb-2014
So finally I'm here in Petra after a smooth trip from Switzerland. All is dark and quite and It's hard to believe that the race is so close now. Tommorow some sightseeing and check-in. I already meet some runners, some with great running backgrounds. Always exciting to share experiences of past races :-)

Just about to leave... 15-Feb-2014 So finally the night has come, the night before I leave for Jordan. It's been a tremendous time now, shortly before the race. Doing many presentations makes it even harder to bridge the time before the start, as memories pop up from former races in the Sahara. The desert is calling and I'm longing and happy to come back. I'm looking forward to meet many fellow colleagues in Jordan and towards a great race in a superb environment.

Stage 1, 39.7km, February 16th
First stage, Lawrence’s Playground, is a 39.7-kilometer course alternating between soft and harder ground and winding through astonishing rock formations of this region made famous by Lawrence of Arabia.

Stage 2, 36.6km, February 17th
36.6-kilometer course, Wadi Rum Rock Formations, will be a slightly more difficult route, moving deeper into this desert landscape with its mystical rock formations and multi-colored rocks lining the way.

Michaels Blog: Stage 1 & 2
17-Feb-2014 How much fun can it be, first some rain, which makes the  sand packed and allows to run quite swiftly (Stage 1). Stage 2 was then definitely warmer even though not hot. The sand gets looser and harder to run. Beautiful landscapes accompany the whole route. Now I’m hoping for a warmer night and looking forward to stage 3 tomorrow.Lots of people are standing in line for the cybertent, so I’ll keep this one short. Wish all of you all the best and till next time.

Result after Stage 2:

Stage 3, 37.2km, February 18th
course will see a change in the race, as competitors exit the Wadi Rum desert and move into the Khazara Desert. They can expect a 37.2-kilometer course starting with an up-hill section, then moving through canyons, rock formations, a dry salt lake, through villages and out into the sandy desert. Many competitors will now be hitting their stride and settling into the rhythm of racing and desert life.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Michaels feet are still good....😀

Stage 4, 39.3km, February 19th
The race pushes into a 39.3-kilometer course, The Rock Bridge, from the Kharaza Desert and into the Humaima Desert (Wadi Araha). Competitors will pass some staggering stone arches and bridges on the final day before The Long March kicks off on Thursday and Friday.

Michaels Blog Stage 4:

Hey All

Today was stage 4 and I’m ever so happy that everything is going fine. My watch broke on the first day so I have no clue how I’m doing until I get to a Checkpoint. In my opinion I’m too fast, tomorrow I’ll definitely go slower on the long stage, which will be going over 86,4km. My feet are  looking quite good for the already done distance.

It’s great to hear from all of you by e-mail and comments on the blog. Unfortunately we’re  limited to one blog or e-mail a day, that’s why I can’t get back to you personally. But please consider a thank-you returning on your contacts.

Now I’m looking into this spectacular desert and wish I could share with you (the pictures will follow, even though I don’t get to take that many when running).

All the best for you and hear you after the long run. Sending you sunny regards, Michael G.

Stage 5, 86.3km
A sense of trepidation and excitement is in the air this evening as competitors get adequate rest to prepare themselves for The Long March on the Turkish Road. This 86.3-kilometer fifth stage will see many competitors push through nightfall—and draw them closer to the finish in the ancient city of Petra.

Michaels Blog Stage 5:

Hi All

Was an awesome race yesterday. I’ve never had such a hard stage. Especially after a water hole just after checkpoint one. What counts  for me is that I then definitely get blisters. And so it was. However the fabulous scenery managed to compensate for everything. What a sight, once you have overcome the climb up the mountain.

Tomorrow will now be the final stage 6k into the ancient town of Petra. Gosh I’m longing for a shower and a cosy bed to sleep.

I’ll tell you more once I’m back.

Cheers & thanks for all your thoughts and inspiration. Michael G

Result after Stage 5:
28th out of 172 finishers 

Stage 6, 5.6km:

Final 5.6-kilometer course, The Final Footsteps to Ancient Petra, will begin at 6:30am and will take the 172 finishers into one of the most visually stunning finish lines of all time—amid the historic red walls of the ancient city of Petra.

Ankunft Michael in Zürich:
Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014 mit OS Austrian Airlines 567 um 21:35 Uhr in Ankunft 1.

Back home:

Now since one week I'm home from Jordan. The memories are still strong and sometimes I still have moments, in which I'm pulled back into the great moments I expierenced on the Jordan Race. Especially the stunning scenery of the ancient city of Petra.

Today I started the training for the Gobi March after pausing 10 days to let my feet recover from the blisters I caught on the long stage.

I'm anxious to race again....