The Theodora Foundation

The Mission of the Theodora Foundation

Since its establishment in 1993, the Theodora Foundation has continuously followed its aim of easing the pain of children in hospitals and special institutions through fun and laughter. To do so, the foundation organises and finances visits of special Clown Doctors every week. Each clown is personally talented – in music, mimic and magic for example – and entertains every child the personal one-to-one way. Clown Doctors are trained professionals, working hand in hand with doctors and nurses.

In 2013 the 58 Clown Doctors made a total of more than 85’000 visits in 34 hospitals and 18 specialized centres in Switzerland. These visits allow the children to escape from their hospital environment and rediscover their world of colour, music, magic and humour.

Supporting the idea that laughter is universal, the Theodora Foundation in Switzerland is at the origin of a network of associations and foundations, which also bear the name Theodora and act with the same philosophy. Outside Switzerland, this network is currently active in seven countries: France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Belarus, Turkey, and China (Hong Kong). Currently, all over the world, 200 Clown Doctors are active in 130 hospitals offering roughly 300’000 individual visits to hospitalized children and their family.

The Theodora Foundation is a social organisation and does not seek financial support from the hospitals or receive any form of government subsidy. To continue its mission, the Theodora Foundation depends on private donations and sponsoring.

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