About me

Endurance running is my passion; it's not about how fast you lay back your way, but about succeeding and enjoying a journey.

My next challenge the 4deserts grand slam will definitely be one pushing out boundaries and exploring how far I can go. Combining it with charity brings it to another dimension, allowing not only to enjoy the events but giving something back to others allowing them to (re-)win a smile too.


These kind of events don't work without substantial support from others and here I would specially like to point out my wife Annie, who has been every so supportive with all my ambitious ideas and plans. However it goes without saying that there are uncountable family members, friends and colleagues who contribute to this too.

My name is Michael GIlgen, I’m 46 years of age, married and I have 2 children (Alysha & Yasha). For a living I work at a European wide Distributor of electronic components, where I act as a sales manager.

After running several marathons I decided to enlarge the scope and start running ultras. My recent activities included running the Marathon des Sables (2010 /2011) and TheWayve (111km) (2012).