The Project

On November 11th 2014, I will be crossing the finish line of the 4th Desert Race somewhere in the Antarctica.

What will be a "dream come true" for me is not accessible for everybody; and I feel very privileged to have the means and health to endure this journey.

As return for my adventures I'm allowed to experience, I want to share a smile and joy with kids, who are in less favourable situations.

The Theodora Foundation is a perfect charity organisation supporting my ideas to lighten up the life of hospitalized children.

The combination of endurance running and charity gives sense to every single step done, whilst running the planet.

How you can participate?

My running ambitions cover a total of 4 self-supported 250km races in the most spectacular deserts of the world: Sahara (Jordan) / Gobi (China) / Atacama (Chile) / the last desert (Antarctica). The total distance will be 1'000km of racing distance in 2014.

For every raced (completed) kilometer you can contribute with a donation (for example; CHF 0.10 x 1'000km = CHF 100). Every donation however small it is, is welcome.


There are two ways of donating:

1. Individual donation

  • Access the Bank & Contact Data site and use the bank data to place your individual donation 

2. Per kilometer donation

  1. Send me an e-mail declaring: Name / Address / donation amount per kilometer; or Contact me
  2. You will receive a confirmation mail, confirming your details
  3. In November 2014 you will receive an e-mail with details of payment, including total amount of kilometers run, total amount due and payment information
  4. The complete collected amount (without any deduction) will be donated to the Theodora Foundation
  5. All donations over CHF 30.- will be provided a certificate from the Theodora Foundation declaring your payment