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The Jungle Ultra 2017 is over... Up to new challenges

The next Challenge: 100 miles in the Florida Keys

After having run ultramarathons in the sand, on salt flats, in the mountains, snow and in the jungle, I'm up for a new challenge a "100 miler".

The 100 miler from Key Largo to Key West will be a completely new experience by exceeding the longest run to date "The Wave 2012" (111 km) by more than a marathon. However foremost it will be the struggle against the distance, heat and humidity. The reward will however be overwhelming and breathtaking views over the keys and the Gulf of Mexico. 

If you're keen on learning more about the 100 miler, here you'll find all information on the Keys 100 race. 


16. Feb, 2018
Incredible race in the oldest desert of the world....
3. Jul, 2017
See what the Jungle looks like :-)
10. Mär, 2017
See my interview on Tele-D, which was dedicated to the Four Desert Grand Slam.

(in German approx. 30 minutes)
16. Apr, 2016
Find impressions of the Sri Lanka Roving Race

Michael runs & runs & runs for kids......