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On my way to the Jungle Ultra 2017 in Peru I decided to do a warm up on a 250km race in Sri Lanka.

The next Challenge: Jungle Ultra Peru 2017

After having run ultramarathons in the sand, on salt flats, in the mountains and in snow, I'm up for a new challenge "the jungle".

The jungle is a totally different way of running; having to tackle different terrain; handle with reptiles, insects and wildlife; and foremost the heat and humidity.

To get a first impression and slowly get accustomed with the new environment, I decided to do a self-supported multi-stage 250km test run in Sri Lanka in February 2016. This was well worth while as Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and allowed to test weather, altitude and equipment. Please see my pictures under: Sri Lanka 2016

If you're keen on learning more about the race in Peru, here you'll find all information on the Jungle Ultra.

Impressions of the Sri Lanka Roving Race

16. Apr, 2016
Find impressions of the Sri Lanka Roving Race

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